Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Having a lovely spring

Spring has finally arrived here in the northeastern United States and it is most welcome!  I've been keeping very busy with commissions and giclees.  I'm all caught up on commissions right now and get to make some new art, yay!

It is so much fun to see my sold paintings get printed and come back into my studio, it's like old friends coming over for a visit.  I give them some TLC, varnish, wire, nice felt corner bumpers on the back, wrap and pack them up and send them on their way, just like an original painting.

You can see my new velcro wall in this picture, it's almost a year old already!  My husband and I (well just him, really) built it over Easter weekend last year.  It allows me to move my paintings around very easily while I paint.

On my painting table you can see sheets of rigid foam insulation.  They make a very forgiving surface while I'm handling the very delicate giclees before I get that protective varnish on them.  That is a giclee of "Touch Me Here" getting varnished on the table, and a new painting called "Big City".  The painting on the wall hasn't given me a name yet.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Spring!!