Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Commissions, commissions....

I've been getting a lot of commissions this year.  That means someone sees a painting that is sold and asks me to make another original for them, based on the sold painting.  It's always a different process for each painting.  Some of my fluid paintings can't be reproduced but they can certainly inspire a new, similar painting.  I always try to make the composition and colors as close to the original as I can, but with the fluid paintings, the details are always different.  With my geometric paintings, I can come very close to the original painting because it's a more straightforward approach.  My pours get built in layers that are pretty much out of control, but with the layering process I can make it work.

It's a complex process, and I have come to enjoy it.   People LOVE to do this and I REALLY enjoy working with my collectors, showing the pictures as I progress, and communicating with such enthusiastic and appreciative patrons.  I have the most wonderful art buyers imaginable, and this is what has made me want to do this, to reproduce my own paintings as new originals.

Sometimes it's a little stressful because since I've already been paid, I feel as if I must produce it as quickly as possible.  But my buyers don't feel that way, they are happy to participate in the creation process and to watch it unfold.  So I am relaxing more with the approach, it has been very successful, and I am enjoying it more and more.

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