Monday, May 2, 2011

Luna Moth

This beautiful Luna Moth greeted me in the FedEx parking lot this afternoon. He was flying erratically around a little tree next to my car, and flopping down on the blacktop. I tried to get him settled in a grassy area, but there was no dark place for him except under cars. He landed on my fender, I opened the door and in he flew. So we drove home together. He was pretty beat up and unfortunately didn't last too long. I found this article: and determined that he is male because of his big beautiful antennae. They don't fly during the day so something was wrong. I think it was just his time. Nice of him to spend it with me.

Update...he is still alive!! I just went out to check on him and he moved his little front feet like he's getting ready to take off. The heat of the day was bad for him, I think and it's getting cool now. So it's party time in Lunaville. Yay!