Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Drawing or Painting?

This painting will be called "Plume" if it ever dries!

You might look at this image and answer, "painting for sure" and I would too.

I've been developing this new acrylic technique for a couple of years now. I use water and a few different tools to move the paint around the canvas.

When I first started doing this it was very liberating and fun and I always finished the paintings in one go-round. They were always Alla Prima paintings.

But as one might expect, an artists technique evolves. I spend a lot more time and use a lot more paint than I did when I began this adventure. And I've discovered so much about this kind of paint.

But tonight as I was working, it became a tussle between dark and light. Pushing one, then pushing the other. Suddenly I said to myself "you're drawing". Who would have thought?

It always comes back to drawing, the "essence of art". :)

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Wandering said...

Amazed by your works.

How does pouring flow like that? Could you share your technique?