Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Willow Grove Boogie

Last year I painted this painting called "The Willow Grove Boogie" Willow Grove is where we live, and it was a nice night with my Hubby home playing some rockin' blues. I was painting upstairs and the music made me get really playful with the paint, in a wild boogie kind of way. He came up to see it when it was done, and we both just said "wow". This was something different.

Well this past week I was commissioned to paint a new version of the Willow Grove Boogie, and also asked to make a print from the original. They shipped out on the same day. It was a funny coincidence.

I liked the new one so much, I would have kept it were it not a commission LOL. One of the nicest collectors I've had the pleasure of working with, so it was all good :)


Blenda said...

Love this painting! BTW, You have a beautiful profile, great avatar. said...

Thanks!! I have to admit that was a FEW years ago, but that pic has always been one of my favs, nice of you to say so. :)