Friday, July 25, 2008

Fine Art Reproductions

I've begun preparing many of paintings for reproduction.

I purchased an ink system for my Epson 1280 that will allow me to produce archival reproductions using pigmented inks. It's gonna take some gettin used to!! Parts were missing when it arrivesd, so I'm waiting for the replacement parts. Next, I'll be wrestling with color profiles in Photoshop and the printer. It's a very mysterious realm that I've gotten lost in before....wish me luck!!

Here are a couple that I've gotten ready


Blenda said...

Hi Sally, stopping by to see what's happening in your little art world.
All your hard work on creating a quality print shows--the one I purchased from you is very professional and now you are going to make them even better? said...

WooHoo, Hi Blenda!!

Yeah....archival and pigment ink!!! Pretty exciting, it's an ingenious system, not too terribly expensive, but they shipped it minus some parts so I'm in print limbo. I started to install it, and am waiting for the caps for the ink bottles to arrive.

Then I'll be back adrift in the sea of "color profiles", throw me a lifeline, LOL.