Thursday, July 10, 2008

Art Limbo

Today is a Limbo day for sure. I'm just not sure what to do today. I've got lots of projects in the works, maybe too many, hence the limbo. I'm free today to work on whichever project that I deem to be most important, and yet here I sit in limbo.

Well, I got here and that's good. And it wasn't even on the list! This is a new blog for me, I've tried wordpress and myspace and didn't stick with them, but I like it here. My friend Blenda Tyvoll made a blog about a print that she bought, one thing led to another and well here I am :) Here is a picture of the print I bought from Blenda: "Hood River Landscape". Isn't it beautiful?

Blenda and I are both in the process of setting up our Etsy shops: Blenda's Etsy Shop and My Etsy Shop. Doing so has revived my interest in making fine art quality inkjet giclee reproductions of my work, cause, well, they sell like hotcakes over there LOL. Being a 100% self employed artist, I like the idea of selling something like hotcakes.

So I've literally dusted off my Epson 1280 and started cranking out the prints. They are just lucious, it's so much fun. Well, it became fun after an entire day or 2 troubleshooting all the techie kind of problems, and finally solving the one malingering problem of ink streaks, which cleared up when my canned air blew out a giant dust bunny.


Blenda said...

Hi Sally,Great looking blog! And wow, you are speedy! You got this whole blog up and running in no time! And I am honored to be your first entry. Happy blogging! said...

Blenda, thanks for getting me going :) It is nice here.